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Adam’s Place Logo Redesign

Adam's Place Logo Redesign - Rubino Marketing Company Our “Put Your Brand In Our Hands” initiative enabled us to take on the project of re-branding Adam’s Place, a non-profit organization geared toward helping families cope with loss of a loved one. We began with a new logo, color palette and brand voice using the words love, support and hope as our guideposts.

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Author: Ken Rubino Jr.

Ken learned every aspect of marketing and honed his skills during this decade and a half stint working at an ad agency. These two positions led him to today where he is the proud leader of a team of marketers with a passion for what they do. Looking at marketing through a new lens is his driving force at work. At home, it is family first, then sports, then wine. All of which he participate in with the same vigor as his client service.

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