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The customer isn’t always right

customerisntright-img Many businesses haven’t been built on the “the customer IS always right” philosophy. From a graphic/web designer at an ad agency’s perspective, your customer is your client but the real customer is your client’s customers. So the saying switches to “your customers customers are always right!” For example: If the owner of a construction company loves the color pink, that doesn’t mean the highlight color in their logo should be pink to please the owner. The question that must be asked is “what are your customers customers going to respond to?” I doubt it is a bunch of 8 year old girls are looking for a construction company to build their next big barbie doll house. This is one of the biggest issues facing graphic designers when being asked to develop a brand. Business owners are often too close their own company to be unbiased and tell the graphic designer what THEY want rather than what their business needs. A strong agency must walk that fine line even if it means telling a client that that their opinion doesn’t matter, but always stressing that there is a bigger goal in mind when creating a successful brand. The great businesses don’t make decisions to please themselves, but to please their customers. So if you’re a business owner, take a look at your brand and ask “does this speak to MY customers?”…if not, it may be time for a new brand.

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