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Video Production

Do you tune out video commercials on TV or online?

Video is a powerful tool online or offline when it isn’t screaming at you. The art of creating an interesting piece of Video alludes many marketers but when it is done correctly it can be an effective marketing asset.

Video combines images, sound, motion and emotion all in one place. When these elements are professionally put together with a compelling message, it has the power to trigger emotions, create desire and lead to sales for your business. But when they are put together only to get people’s attention and promote a “special offer” it can be annoying and even create a negative impression for your brand.

With that in mind, how should a video present image, sound, and motion in an effective way? What is a compelling message?

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Image: The most successful chefs in the world would tell you that people eat with their eyes before they even taste the food. Make sure your imagery is clear, memorable, and visually stimulating. Watch your video with no sound, and if you can’t tell what it’s about, you need to make revisions.

Sound: With sound, less usually means more. Don’t over power the video with audio. The music and sound should complement the video and help the story along.

Motion: Smooth transitions of scenes and graphics prevent distraction and create flow. A balanced continuity of the video message keeps people watching longer.

Those are the technical elements, and they play a crucial role in the success of any video, but without a great writing, they can’t even exist. And because of that, the message is the protagonist of this great marketing asset. Which brings us to the second question:

Seven elements create a powerful message. You should strive to have one or more of these elements in your video:

  1. Simplicity – Everyone understands what you are saying.
    • Ex: Southwest Airline – “We are THE low-fare airline.”
  2. Unexpected – Element of surprise.
    • Ex: When you bring flowers to your wife, and she is not expecting it.
  3. Specific – It’s easy to picture it in your mind, and it’s the opposite of generic.
    • Ex: High-performance engine is generic, a V8 engine is specific.
  4. Credible – Well-known names that already trust your product or service.
    • Ex: “Trusted by IBM” or “As seen on CNN.”
  5. Emotional – Words that trigger emotions.
    • Ex: Adjectives related to love and anger.
  6. Stories – Adds drama.
    • Ex: Ups and downs in your story like Games of Thrones and Breaking bad.
  7. Funny – Make people laugh and feel good.
    • Ex: During the day I don’t believe in ghosts. At night, I’m a little more open minded.

So, next time you watch a video commercial and think “Oh this is a good one!”, Try to find these elements. They will be there, for sure. Does your business have creative and effective videos to use as marketing assets? Do you believe that better videos could improve the return you are getting from your marketing investments?

We love videos, and we are excited to help your business produce better ones. But in our experience, is very unlikely that by fixing one aspect of your marketing will get your company where you want it to be.

That is why we created a unique marketing method called RMC 360. This method is designed to access and improve all your marketing loop. To understand how it works we suggest that you download our e-book called “The Strategic 6” (it also has an audio version in case you prefer to listen to it).

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