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Online Media Buying

How do you find new customers online even when you don’t know which websites they are visiting?

Online Media Buying

You create a “Bazooka Online Media Plan.”

This method allows you to promote your message on a variety of websites in different categories that have the demographics of your target audience or located in a geographic area that make sense for your business.

After a few days of running the campaign we analyze the results; cut the websites that didn’t perform well and keep the ones that brought you leads and sales. Simple, right?

Well, in theory, yes, but in practice, no. There are a lot of variables in a strategy like this. For example:

  • Goal Setting – Define the most important actions on your website and make sure that the tracking system is working.
  • Messaging – Create and test different messages that speak to your audience and creates action.
  • Banners Design – Create consistent goal driven banners in various sizes that follow the same creative style.
  • Negotiating price – Define and negotiate the best media mix with online media vendors based on demand.
  • Frequency – Define how many times a person should see your message.

These tasks are very strategic, intentional and require different skills. When implemented correctly it can bring a consistent flow of new leads and clients to your business.

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