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Offline Media Buying

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

Offline Media Buying | Rubino Marketing

This is a famous quote from John Wanamaker, a prominent American merchant considered to be an enthusiast of advertising and a “pioneer in marketing.” He said this in the early 1900s, but this problem persists today for a lot of business owners.

Tracking your marketing efforts has become easier over the past few years, but understanding which strategy is working is still a big challenge for most companies, especially with Offline Media, or what some call Traditional Media (TV, Radio, Billboard, Newspaper, and Direct Mail).

We’ve designed a method called “Systematic Advertising.” In a nutshell, it means that we track everything and test it until we discover your highest ROI (Return On Investment).

First, we define the most important goals for the advertiser and make sure all these goals are track-able. Next, we set up the tracking systems for success. After that, we create different messages that incorporate a direct response approach containing a specific call to action. Things like: “Call this number” or “Visits this website.”

Lastly, we analyze the numbers, measure the ROI and find the winners.

The idea behind this method is simple, but the execution is complex.

Here at RMC, this is not only a strategy but a philosophy. We are obsessed with the truth for a reason; numbers don’t lie and when you are not afraid to uncover the real answer you can save thousands in marketing dollars.

Do you know which half of your advertising spend is wasted? How much more profitable could your business be if you knew the truth?

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