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Does your website or brand identity look outdated but you don’t really know what needs to change?

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There is new technology being developed every day which makes it hard for businesses to stay relevant. Design is a VITAL part of marketing and has been since the very first advertisement appeared in 1836 in a French newspaper.

It’s hard for people that are not designers to know what a well-designed logo looks like or differentiate between an elegant or average website. It’s even harder for an untrained eye to spot an overcrowded brochure or an ineffective web banner.

Of course, we all have our opinions but trained designers live by the facts. So, what elements must be in place to produce a great design 100% of the time?

There are four key components that must be considered when it comes to design; HIERARCHY, SIMPLICITY, LEGIBILITY and FLOW.

Let us break down these elements for you so you can look at your brand and see if they are present.

  1. Hierarchy – What content or image is most important? What do you want the consumer of this design to see first? Everything can’t be the “most important piece of information” within a design. Hierarchy gives priority to items in your design that you want to stand out.
  2. Simplicity – Don’t over crowd your design area. A big mistake in design is putting too much information in a design. We achieve simplicity in design by putting in all the information and then start taking away elements without compromising the message. Less is usually more and you’ll get a better design with a more concise approach.
  3. Legibility – Are your fonts and colors meshing or are they hurting the viewer’s eyes? Color theory and understanding your brand are two key components in choosing fonts and colors. Are you using too many fonts? Bad or illegible font choices can turn away your audience or make your design hard to look at and lead to poor results.
  4. Flow – Does the order of information, images and text help the design tell a story? Moreover, how does the story end? What do you want the viewer of your design to do or feel after seeing it? Keep your goals in mind and ensure your design has a cohesive story that leads down a path. The behavior of consumers on-line and off-line should determine the flow of information you display.

A great design is something that is pleasant to the eye and triggers intentional emotions. A successful design also creates a memorable experience for the user, provides relevant information and leads them to their goals.

By following these core 4 design concepts, you can greatly enhance your possibility of getting more leads, generating more sales and increasing your brand effectiveness. However, great design alone does not guarantee results. Design is an important piece of the marketing puzzle.

After your design is refined, the only way to be sure your business will get positive results from these changes or any other change you make to your marketing is to implement “The Strategic 6” – track, analyze, understand, take action, refine and repeat to ALL your marketing efforts.

This unique method that we have developed over the years provides a total understanding of all your marketing results and helps you determine where to spend your marketing dollars most efficiently. Do you know where to spend your marketing dollars? We do.

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