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Audio Production

How do you create a radio commercial that keeps people listening even when they are ready to change the station?

With radio ads, there is a very short time to get people’s attention before they flip the station. And once it gets their attention it must hold it until the end of the message, so they remember what they just listened and respond to the call to action.

So let’s start with the first challenge, how to get the attention of your audience?

There are seven elements of a powerful audio message, and if you use one of them right in the first five seconds of your ad, there is a much higher chance to get people’s attention. These elements are:

  1. Simplicity – Everyone understands what you are saying.
    • Ex: Southwest Airline – “We are THE low-fare airline.”
  2. Unexpected – Element of surprise.
    • Ex: When you bring flowers to your wife, and she is not expecting it.
  3. Specific – It’s easy to picture it in your mind, and it’s the opposite of generic.
    • Ex: High-performance engine is generic, a V8 engine is specific.
  4. Credible – Well-known names that already trust your product or service.
    • Ex: “Trusted by IBM” or “As seen on CNN.”
  5. Emotional – Words that trigger emotions.
    • Ex: Adjectives related to love and anger.
  6. Stories – Adds drama.
    • Ex: Ups and downs on your story like; Games of Thrones and Breaking Bad.
  7. Funny – Make people laugh and feel good.
    • Ex: During the day I don’t believe in ghosts. At night, I’m a little more open minded.

We use these elements not only to produce audio for radio, but also to create video commercials, articles, e-books, email marketing, and virtually any content we want to be memorable.

Does it work? If you are reading this far, this means it works. The first line of this article has at least two elements from the list. Here is the headline again:

“How do you create a radio commercial that keeps people listening even when they are ready to change the station?”

Simple – It is easy to understand.
Specific – You can visualize the action in your head.

Now let’s see how to solve the second challenge: how do we hold their attention until the end of the message?

Note: Not only the headline but the entire script must have the elements of a powerful message, so it’s recommended to use them as much as possible throughout the script.

To create an audio commercial that keeps people listening to the entire time, we must talk about the technical part, which we can divide into three main sections; voice-over, audio effect, and pace.

Voice-over: Finding a voice-over that has the brand identity is crucial. Which means a voice that reminds people of your product or service you are selling.

Audio effects: Audio effects are what separate average audio productions from a memorable audio productions. The successful use of effects can unknowingly send the listener inside the story and help paint your desired picture in their mind’s eye.

Pace: Not too fast not too slow, unless one of them is part of the brand identity. The correct pace enables the listener to have an effortless experience with your brand. Have you ever heard a radio commercial that grated on your ears like nails on a chalkboard?

Are you happy with your audio production? Is it generating the results you expected?

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