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RMC 360 Assessment

RMC 360 Marketing Assessment Logo - Rubino Marketing Company Marketing Assessment Sample Report

The RMC 360 Assessment gives you access to a full-scale marketing firm with over 30 years of experience for a fraction of the cost.

Our team will quickly assess your current marketing situation and actually give you a numerical score with recommendations for improvement. This assessment is NOT done by an automated computer. It is a 100% custom report based on how you answer 10 simple questions.

Includes assessment of the following:

  • Logo
  • Assessment of design, color scheme and emotional connection.
  • Website
  • Assessment of content, user experience and goals.
  • Social Impact
  • Assessment of relevant platforms, consistency and goals.
  • Media
  • Assessment of media mix, target market and budget.

This custom assessment will leave you with real solutions you can implement for your business immediately. Many companies pay THOUSANDS of dollars for this level of the report.


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