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How Important are Reviews to my Business?

Rubino Marketing Company thoughts on Reviews

I always look for reviews when making a purchase, they are the lifeline to my next investment. Whether I am buying a TV on amazon or a foam sword for my son; as a consumer I have questions and I need my questions answered…NOW! When I get hungry on the go it is imperative that I pull over and check the yelp reviews. I admit it, I am afraid of commitment! I need validation and I need it now! All the validation I need before I commit to anything is right at my fingertips.  The old word of mouth recommendations we once relied on have taken a whole new turn with today’s online sharing platforms. People are not just influencing friends and family anymore, they are reaching the world.

Let’s face the facts, we don’t live in a world of 5 star experiences. I have developed the habit of looking for the worst review of an item. I feel like then it is a truthful insight to what I can expect before I move forward with my purchase. We all love good reviews but it’s the bad one I turn to that heavily influences my purchase decision. Not only do I get to read if something was too small, made cheaply or simply disappointing; I get to see how the business reacted. If I see that the issue was addressed and taken care of I start to trust that I will be taken care of. If I see no response then I am skeptical about how much a company may value my business.

Let’s take a look an example to better understand how valuable reviews are and the direct impact they have on future business. We will use Bill and Steve as the example. They both have a mechanic shop that has been up and running for a few years and they both can be found on google search. Bill has great reviews attached to his business and a 4-star rating, Steve has a few reviews but they are from the previous year. A customer is more likely to choose Bill to service their vehicle because there is a sense of trust, reliability and a solid reputation exhibited. People searching online know that competition is fierce, from products to services people need to feel like they can trust a business to move forward.

Reviews can make or break or business, according to marketing land, 90% of consumers said they are influenced by positive online testimonials. Reviews are everywhere from the time someone is searching for you on Google to when they check out your social media pages. All of these reviews hold equal importance and can heavily impact your business. Business are scrutinized online and it is crucial that your reviews are managed with your reputation in mind.

Below are a few questions to help you review your business and get you on track to strengthen your online presence.

Does your business have online reviews and if so are you responding to them properly?

It is crucial to encourage your customers to review your business, people want to be heard and concerns need to be validated. Online reviews can assist in identifying opportunities to improve on and strengths you can promote.

Does your business show up when being searched for on google, and if so are the reviews attached?

Online reviews encourage interaction and provide an emotional connection to your brand. These reviews can drive new leads and have huge potential to increase sales.

Did you know that reviews help improve your google organic ratings?

The power of positive reviews extend beyond a good recommendation. When your business generates regular reviews it helps to increase your SEO rankings. This helps you to rank above your competitors and get more exposure online.

Reviews are small yet crucial segment to the makeup of your online presence.

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Author: Ken Rubino Jr.

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