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Lead Tracking

If we told you that your business could double revenue in three months with only a small change, would you say we are out of our minds?

Every business has hundreds of moving parts and some smart minds behind it so it’s hard to believe that a small change could double revenue in three months.

Yes, it’s a very unlikely situation when you are inside the business jungle, surrounded by trees, trying to find the path to more sales without seeing more than 30 feet in front of you.

But what happens if a helicopter lifts you above the forest and you can clearly see your path? Suddenly you have a clear vision of where you should go and which directions you should avoid. When you market your business the helicopter is tracking.

This clear and honest vision of your marketing efforts is exactly what you will have after properly implementing a tracking system. Let’s see an example, shall we?

A business that is not tracking results is investing $ 10 K in marketing and generating $ 100 K in sales, which gives them an ROI of 10.

From ROI of 10 to ROI of 19.2 in three months just by having a clear vision of their marketing results. That is the power of a predictable tracking structure.

Not tracking the results is often an undervalued situation that once fixed can rapid increase a business revenue.

Because it’s very hard to set it up and every person involved must be committed to it. Sometimes it’s necessary to change the way employees analyze data, use their tools or even modify the business message.

Here at RMC tracking results is not only a service that we provide, its uniqueness of our company. The only reason we say we are obsessed with the truth is that we exceed expectation when looking for the real data that is driving your marketing efforts.

We explain this idea in our e-book, “The Strategic 6.” If you haven’t read it yet, you should do it ASAP. It can change the way you see marketing and give you a new perspective of what is possible to achieve by implementing the six elements.

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